Scott Gates

Now I have know Dee Dee for quite a while now. I met her through her family, and was always impressed with her unending need to consume knowledge, and her interest for holistic ways of healing. Eventually I saw her go through her psychology and nursing degree’s, and was impressed with her work at the animal Hospital too. I was there, working with her Mom, when she decided to become a Doctor of Natural Medicine. Her “drive” that I’ve always seen, kicked into high gear, and she finished early. I got to be a subject in her thesis, and that’s when her wisdom, compassion, and her ability to plan out a path for her patients, affected me. That’s  When Dr. Dee became part of my personal wellness team.

It was back in July of 2017, while restoring an old Adobe from the late 1700’s, I got bit by a spider on my right wrist. It kinda lingered for a week and a half, then all hell broke loose. It turned into full blown Staph (MRSA) infection. At its worst, I was an hour away from loosing my arm, and if that happened, possibly my life if the infection reached my lymphatic system. 

Fast forward to June 2019, and here I go again, its back… It was while remodeling my sisters house, that it flared and came back again, not as intense and angry, and no bite or injury started it this time either. By now, I have several Doctors who are on my personal wellness team, as partners or those I refer my clients too. I will use allopathic medicine if absolutely necessary, I mean something like energy work or nutrition can’t set a broken arm right? But I primarily choose and prefer to use holistic ways in prevention, care, recovery, and in all other areas of wellness. Dr. Dee is not only on my personal team, but she’s also one of my favorite Doctors to refer to my clients in her areas of expertise. She has an ability to really hear people, she gets right to it, and her gentle nature helps set her clients at ease in no time. 

Now this second round with Staph, I was smart enough to call in my wellness team early. This is where Dr. Dee shined, she’s a team player, she collaborates with other professionals, not competing with them to show off, and works to get you where you want your wellness to be. She was able to get the right combination of natural salves and ointments zeroed in, and then her ability to combine all areas of health into a comprehensive plan for me, was perfect for me. This time instead of almost 10 months for recovery like the first time, it was cleared up in about 45 days. And I didn’t have the damage from the medications I took the first time. Please, if you haven’t pulled  together your personal wellness team, she’s your number one draft pick. If you have a great team, add her, and watch your team gel around her. She has made such an amazing contribution to my personal wellness team, and my clients are thriving when they bring her on board their teams. 

My Grandma Judy used to say,”I want you to know what I know, after that, it’s all on you.” So I want you to know that Dr. Dee is invaluable to me and my clients, and now it’s on you, are you putting her on your team too?